Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Updated July 29, 2022

Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles

How will mission, vision, and guiding principles be used?

The mission, vision, and guiding principles should guide the work we do every day. Additionally, mission, vision, and guiding principles will be used for agency-wide planning purposes, such as the strategic plan.

How were the mission, vision, and guiding principles developed?

Over 1,400 HHS employees responded to a survey to share thoughts on what the new departments’ mission, vision, and guiding principles should reflect. Following receipt of that feedback, 100 leaders from across IDPH and DHS met to evaluate, discuss, and prioritize the top responses for inclusion in these foundational frameworks for the new department. The joint executive team considered all employee and leadership team feedback in creating draft vision statements, a mission statement, and guiding principles.


When should I change my email signature?

HHS branding, mission, vision, and guiding principles officially launch August 2022. This is when you will receive guidance on how to change your email signature. Team members should change email signatures as soon as possible after receiving the guidance. If you have any questions, contact Danielle Tesch. Google users should contact Ashley Funkhauser.

If I have printed materials or giveaway items with IDPH or DHS logos, should I stop using them?

If you have items with IDPH or DHS logos, you can continue to use them until the next time you reprint these items.

How can I request a logo?

Contact Laura Jordan to discuss your team’s specific needs for a logo.

How was the HHS logo developed?

The branding team looked at feedback from the mission and vision survey. The sentiment that we want people to know we are the State of Iowa, trusted, and reliable stood out. The brand was developed to convey a sense of trust, respect, and reliability.

Table of Organization

Who created the table of organization?

Work sessions for each functional area were held with HHS executive team members and bureau chiefs to develop tables of organization. In total, 88 leadership members were engaged in developing draft tables of organization. After the work sessions, executive team members worked on refining the draft structures.

What if the programs I work with are not included in the table of organization?

The table of organization is a high-level overview of the proposed organizational structure. It represents proposed work units and reporting structure. It does not represent all programs and functions that exist across HHS. Team members should refer to table of organization programs document for additional information on how programs are mapped to units.

Will team members lose their jobs?

Jobs will not be lost as a result of alignment, and there will not be any demotions. Employees will not lose salary, benefits, or accrued years of service as a result of the alignment.

Will there be new career opportunities as a result of alignment?

Yes! Several new supervisory positions are proposed in the HHS table of organization. All new positions will be posted, and team members interested in positions are encouraged to apply.

If I am considered a lead worker for my unit, will I automatically be transferred into a new leadership position that may be created within my unit?

No, all new positions will go through the hiring process.

When will the new table of organization be implemented?

Disability and Behavioral Health, Contracting, and Finance teams have already started softly transitioning to a merged reporting structure. Our goal is to have leaders for all the divisions hired by October 2022. The leader of each division will work on hiring any additional supervisory positions within the division and implementing the proposed structure. The table of organization is expected to be fully implemented by July 2023.

When will we see a staff-level table of organization?

We will share staff-level tables of organization in August.

How will units be named (e.g., division, bureau, etc.)?

It is recognized that keeping the existing naming convention for units (division → bureau) creates large bureaus across HHS. The alignment leadership team is working on determining an appropriate naming convention for units. We will share the naming convention when we share staff-level tables of organization in August.

How will the cross-cutting functions across the bottom of the functional organizational chart be incorporated in the table of organization?

The functional organizational chart depicted cross-cutting functions across the organization. These cross-cutting functions are incorporated within divisions that work across the department, including Strategic Operations (inclusive of communications, equity, performance improvement, and professional development) and Compliance (inclusive of contracting, quality assurance/audit, and policy). Clinical expertise will be further built out in a clinical advisory unit.

Other Questions

Will IDPH or DHS teleworking policies change?

Team members should continue to follow the HHS teleworking policy. An evaluation and consolidation assessment for other IDPH and DHS policies is underway.

If my unit will have DHS and IDPH team members, will we be able to work across IT platforms?

If there are identified barriers to working with your team members, our IT teams will assist with identifying ways to work more effectively.

When will office moves happen?

This is still to be determined. The current goal is for office moves to start in July 2023.

When will we change IT platforms? Will email addresses change to

Changing IT platforms and email addresses will take careful planning. Our IT teams will develop a plan for this transition, and will share a timeline when available.

Are field operations’ service areas changing?

Operations within field offices will remain the same at this time. Child protective services areas are being assessed in a separate effort in a project running concurrently with alignment. Questions related to this project should be directed to the HHS Business Project Management Office. Add assessment timeframe.

Google or Microsoft?

#TeamHHS will be Microsoft-based. The transition to Microsoft requires careful planning, and the IT team will keep you updated on the progress and timeline. For those who collaborate on Google platforms, Microsoft now offers many of the same collaborative features.

Will there be more employee well-being opportunities?

We are looking at employee well-being examples from other states and exploring options for building this work into Strategic Operations. Additional employee resources will be needed to implement and oversee this work.

Additionally, we are implementing change management projects that will allow us to regularly check in with employees and create well-being opportunities in response to employees’ needs.

How will prevention work be balanced with safety net services?

Prevention and safety net work must work together and inform one another. Coming together as one agency allows us to better leverage prevention and safety net services—utilization of safety net services will inform prevention work.

A PDF version of the current FAQs can be found here.

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