Project Team Launched, Work on Connection Points Report Begins

We’re off and running on our effort to move toward greater alignment between the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Iowa Department of Human Services. Over the past month, we have conducted a thorough inventory of the departments’ programs, services, and access points and have launched the Alignment Project Team, a 10-person, cross-level, cross-functional team with membership from IDPH, DHS and adjacent agencies (Department of Education and Department on Aging) that will serve as a driving force for the remainder of this effort.

Together with Public Consulting Group, the Alignment Project Team solicited input and insights from more than 400 (and counting!) agency staff and stakeholders through an electronic survey and identified more than 35 connection points. Connection points are places where the two departments serve overlapping populations, work to meet similar needs, or use the same or similar access points to connect people with services.

By Labor Day 2021, we plan to do the following:

  • Complete and publish on the Iowa HHS Alignment Website a Connection Points Report that lists and categorizes all identified connection points
  • Launch joint IDPH-DHS Change Teams to identify recommendations and options for strengthening alignment in particularly promising connection point areas
  • Complete two weeks of Change Team “deep dive” sessions
  • Compile and begin analyzing the recommendations and options that emerge from these sessions as a package

Through early Fall, we (the Alignment Project Team together with other project staff, IDPH and DHS executive leadership, and Public Consulting Group) will draw on the work of the Change Teams to draft a preliminary change package.

Following this effort, internal IDPH and DHS staff as well as external stakeholders across Iowa will have opportunities to review, discuss, and provide feedback on this preliminary change package before it is finalized and readied for implementation. We will provide more information through email updates and on the HHS Alignment website as the process progresses.

Please also visit the HHS Alignment FAQs page. Please note that the FAQs page is an ongoing endeavor. We encourage you to check back for updates, as we will continue to add more questions and answers as we have information to provide.