Director Garcia and Steering Committee Identify Primary Project Team

Director Garcia and the Health and Human Services Alignment’s Project Steering Committee have identified a cross-departmental, cross-level, and cross-functional Primary Project Team from a pool of 119 applicants. The team members listed below bring expertise and experience from across public health and human services, including income maintenance, child welfare, mental health, field operations and policy, to name a few. This team is charged with exploring the ways our departments can align client services, funding and staff to better support Iowans accessing services from both DHS and IDPH.

Below is a list of the Primary Project Team members and their respective organizational roles. Two team members will join the team in the near future as external stakeholders from state departments other than DHS and IDPH. These individuals will bring prior experience with the health and human services system and will offer a balancing perspective to ground our collective thinking and decisions.

1. Brandi Archibald- DHS- Assistant Superintendent of Integrated Services, Woodward Resource Center
2. Katie Bee- IDPH- Prevention Consultant, Bureau of Substance Abuse
3. Michelle Holst- IDPH- State Coordinator, 1st Five Healthy Mental Development Initiative
4. Kristi Krager- DHS- Social Worker III, Cherokee Mental Health Institute
5. Matt Majeski- DHS- Service Area Manager, Cedar Rapids Service Area
6. Kera Oesterich- DHS- Executive Officer II, Medicaid Operations
7. Becky Nowacheck- IDPH- Regional Community Health Consultant, Region 6
8. Chad Reckling- DHS- Social Worker II, Eastern Service Area

Please continue to visit the Alignment website for more updates on the project.