About Us

Welcome to the official page for the Iowa Health and Human Services Alignment.

Between the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Iowa Department of Human Services, the connections are numerous, and, in many cases, the same families access similar services with no clear pathway to connect them that reaches across departments. The work we can do to wrap services around a family to ensure better outcomes, is significant in terms of impact. In terms of work, there is much we can do with clear communication and purposeful collaboration between our programs and a dedicated focus to this space.

Through aligning our departments, we will be able to achieve several goals including opportunities to better leverage funding sources and the ability to identify potential for expanded funding sources; break down siloes to create a unified, integrated behavioral health system; and better access to services and easier navigation of the system for those we serve. Ultimately, better alignment will lead to improved outcomes for individuals, communities, and the state.

We have the opportunity to lift our entire system of care, but we can't do it alone. We need honest conversations with our stakeholders – like you –  to understand both the opportunities and the risks. We’re going to make changes for the better and we need your input into how we do it best. We will engage all levels of staff including field, front line and program staff to inform the Departments’ established goals and project plans.

We also acknowledge that change can cause anxiety. We are committed to honest conversations and absolute transparency. We are excited about the opportunities and looking forward to exploring where all of these conversations lead us. Please use the resources provided on this page, check back often for updates, and subscribe to our email updates here. We look forward to working on the Iowa Health and Human Services Alignment with you.