About Us

Welcome to the official page for the Iowa Health and Human Services Alignment

The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) and Iowa’s Department of Human Services (DHS) are exploring options for aligning their programs, services and operations more closely in order to better serve the health and human services needs of Iowans.

By “aligning,” we mean using, sharing, coordinating, or structuring two or more things (programs, services, processes, technology, data, access points like buildings or websites, etc.) in new, more closely connected ways.

Between IDPH and DHS, the connections are numerous, and in many cases, Iowans access similar services provided by each department respectively. The work we can do to improve wrapping services around families has a significant impact in ensuring better outcomes.

With the Health and Human Services Alignment, we have the unique opportunity to work on clear communication and purposeful collaboration between our departments toward improved outcomes for Iowans.

Objectives of the Health and Human Services Alignment:

  • Identify clear, shared program goals.
  • Align and integrate programs, practices and policies to improve delivery of services and most effectively leverage funding.
  • Identify community-based stakeholders (organizations and community members) and other stakeholders to provide input and guidance to the departments’ programmatic and policy efforts.
  • Engage all levels of staff to inform the departments’ established goals and project plans.
  • Create an organizational structure that optimizes delivery of services, supports efficiency for staff, and integrates the departments’ programs and services with community and other available resources.

The HHS Alignment is not:

  • Just about reducing costs
  • A unilateral takeover
  • Just about looking across the two departments
  • Pre-determined
  • Status quo
  • A backroom exercise

The HHS Alignment is:

  • Focused on what’s best for Iowans
  • A joint effort between IDPH and DHS
  • A continuous improvement opportunity within each department
  • An open exploration
  • A transformational effort
  • A transparent conversation

Some things will change – what will change and how they will change is wide open. All changes will be driven by common goals that are:

  • Defined by joint IDPH and DHS exploration
  • Rooted in the health and well-being of Iowans

We have the opportunity to lift our entire system of care, but we can't do it alone. We need honest conversations with our stakeholders – like you –  to understand both the opportunities and the risks. We will engage all levels of staff including field, front-line and program staff.

We are committed to honest conversations and absolute transparency, and we are excited about the opportunities and looking forward to exploring where all of these conversations lead us. Please read the Alignment Assessment Project Plan Summary, visit our FAQs pagesubscribe to our email updates here, and check back often for updates. We look forward to working on the Iowa Health and Human Services Alignment with you.